In a medical emergency, half of all medication administrations are wrong. That’s according to a 2012 study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, which also revealed that 14 percent of those errors were potentially harmful or fatal.

Thanks to the new SafeDose Scan,TM medical care personnel can save precious minutes, eliminate manual math, quickly access accurate knowledge, provide documentation, and improve patient outcomes. SafeDose ScanTM is part of the eBroselow suite of medication safety products that proves, for the first time, that it is possible to eliminate medication errors.

“A patient’s life should never hinge on the accuracy of the calculations scrawled on their bed sheets,” said Dr. James Broselow, inventor of the Broselow tape, an effective visual system used in emergency rooms throughout the world. SafeDose ScanTM is a portable scanning device that immediately displays accurate medication information at every point of care.

Available in hospital grade plastic, SafeDose ScanTM is a handheld product equipped with a laser scanner. By scanning the U.S. National Drug Code (NDC) barcode of any medication, the device displays critical dosing and administration information for any patient—adult or child. A comprehensive, independent device, SafeDose Scan operates offline and can serve as a backup in the event of a disaster or during power, Internet, or EMS failure.

SafeDose ScanTM is designed to be a fail-safe throughout the entire acute situation, providing the correct dosage, dilution, and delivery, and ensuring that the intended treatment is correctly communicated and properly administered.

Medical errors rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States—right behind cancer and heart disease—according to a 2016 study from Johns Hopkins Medicine, and medication errors are the single most common type of medical error in hospitals.

Children and the elderly are most vulnerable when it comes to errors in acute drug administration. Depending on the drug, a ten-fold error for a premature infant—just a few extra milliliters—could be a fatal dose. According to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, many health care systems are built around the needs of adults, and lack staff trained in pediatric or geriatric care.

But in general, it’s not a question of training, said Broselow.

“Even if your doctors and nurses all graduated at the top of their class, they still have to run through the dosage calculations, and look up the dilution specs and delivery rates. Accuracy costs time—but in so many emergency situations, we can’t afford it.”

Most nurses and doctors have a heard the story of one late night when, bleary-eyed from too many hours on the job, somebody forgot a decimal point or added two numbers wrong, said Broselow. Maybe it was a close call that ended well, he said. Maybe not.

With SafeDose ScanTM, Broselow believes we won’t have to sacrifice accuracy anymore. It standardizes and simplifies medication safety, provides the right information for the individual patient, and offers peace of mind for medical practitioners.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky demonstrated this in a 2014 study conducted at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Their results showed that when medical practitioners used the eBroselow system, clinically significant errors were completely eliminated, and the accuracy of prepared medications increased about 25 percent. In addition, medications were prepared about eight minutes faster with the eBroselow system versus standard dosing references.

“We guarantee that eBroselow can reduce acute medication errors,” said Broselow.

Collaborating with Honeywell, eBroselow customized and integrated their medication safety software with a Honeywell scanning device to develop SafeDose Scan.TM eBroselow is working with Informs, a Honeywell reseller, to distribute SafeDose Scan.TM

eBroselow LLC, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, is dedicated to developing a simple, safe, and effective international standard for acute drug administration. Co-founded by Drs. James Broselow and Robert Luten in 2010, eBroselow offers the latest medical innovations to improve care, increase treatment efficiency, and save lives.