SafeDose® Code Books

Solve Your Out-of-Date Medication Code Book Struggle

When was the last time you updated all of your Code Books?

Have you changed any medication formularies since then?

Have you modified the way you purchase any medications since then?

Is someone responsible for updating and distributing these changes?

Considering all this, chances are high that your medication code books are out-of-date, and your organization is in serious danger.

If your hospital is like most, keeping your medication code book current is an ongoing battle. Unfortunately, most hospitals are losing the fight and end up with emergency code books that are hopelessly out-of-date. Nurses try to mitigate the problem with piecemeal updating efforts using handwritten markups or sticky notes. The result? Books missing the updates and haphazard hand-written notes that are unintelligible.

Drug shortages, concentration or formulary modifications, and purchasing changes require updating ALL books in EVERY location to make sure nurses and clinicians have the most current information possible when administering medication. Updating scores of books in multiple locations is difficult and time consuming and in many hospitals, no one owns the process for making the changes.

SafeDose® has the solution

Failing to keep your code books current can have serious implications for patient safety. That’s why SafeDose has developed a solution that can be the “missing link” in your medication code book updating process.

We combine our comprehensive database of dosing calculations, drug concentrations, and administration instructions for emergency situations with your customized formulary and guidelines. Instead of you having to create, maintain, and update code books throughout the organization, we do it for you using our SafeDose software.

Our annual service creates, manages, provides unlimited updates, and delivers a digital document of your medication code book. We provide you with the file for unlimited printing of physical books for use throughout your institution, enabling you to have the latest medication information – always accurate and always current.

Get SafeDose® Code Books

A SafeDose Code book subscription can be purchased with Standard, PALS- and ALS-based clinical content, or the clinical content can be customized to your specifications. Click here to request information about customizing clinical content, or any other details about SafeDose Code Books.