Who We Help

Providers from across the care continuum can take advantage of the power of the SafeDose solution.

Who We Help

Providers from across the care continuum can take advantage of the power of the SafeDose® solution.

Who We Help

Providers from across the care continuum can take advantage of the power of the SafeDose solution.


Studies have shown that incorrect medication dosing is the most common error in pediatric care – especially in the ED. Administering medications to children in a hectic emergency room environment can make any clinician nervous. Most doses are standard for adults, but determining the proper dose for children means weighing the child and completing complicated math calculations. SafeDose® eliminates the math requirement, simplifies the complex process, provides a check for clinicians, and ensures the right dose is administered to every child, every time.


Acute drug administration still involves memory, manual math calculations, and encyclopedic medical reference knowledge that is simply not practical during medical emergencies. Studies show the average human math error rate of 3 percent jumps to 25 percent in stressful situations. Nurses in a typical acute care setting are incredibly competent, but it is impossible for them to be 100 percent accurate when making the required calculations in split seconds under extreme duress. SafeDose® eliminates the math and allows nurses to focus on other critical elements of care.

Educators & Trainers

SafeDose® serves as a valuable training tool for nurses looking to expand or refresh their knowledge of medication administration. New medications, dosing requirements, and contraindications are coming out every day and it is difficult for nurses at all experience levels to keep up. New nurses face unique challenges when they may be assigned to off hour shifts where experienced pharmacy resources may not be available. SafeDose® acts as a virtual “pharmacist by your side” and provides instant information and a crucial double check to make sure every administration is correct.

Emergency Medical Services Personnel

In acute and emergency settings, risk to the patient increases with every complicated dosing calculation. Manual math problems can cause delays in frenzied situations where every second matters. Whether inside an ED or during patient transport, SafeDose® reduces risk by providing essential information needed to safely administer acute medications immediately at the point of care.


Pharmacists can use SafeDose® to mix, prepare, and barcode scan medications quickly and accurately. They can also post notes containing information about specific drug shortages and alternatives to prescribed medications. Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment, it’s not possible to have acute care pharmacists in every setting. With SafeDose®, acute care pharmacists can rest easy knowing that their extensive knowledge is being supplemented when they are not immediately available to consult with clinicians.

SafeDose® EMS

Free 30-day Trial

Download a 30-day free trial of SafeDose® EMS, our mobile-enabled EMS support application providing a “peace of mind” double check that is ideal in time sensitive situations like the ones you face every day.

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