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James Broselow MD and Robert Luten MD have dedicated their lives to helping doctors and nurses make the correct decisions quickly.

SafeDose is dedicated to developing a simple, safe, and effective international standard for acute drug administration.

The company’s mission is to provide needed critical information to those administering acute care. SafeDose® is used by hundreds of thousands of physicians daily and the ultimate goal is to improve care, save lives, and make it easier for emergency medical staff to do their jobs.

SafeDose is the result of the collaboration of Dr. James Broselow and Dr. Robert Luten. Dr. Broselow and Dr. Luten have joined forces to develop the SafeDose initiative – the underlying standard for SafeDose®. They founded SafeDose to bring comprehensive treatment information to the desktop, tablet or smartphone of every emergency practitioner faster and more accurately than ever before.
Dr. James Broselow

Dr. James Broselow

Dr. Broselow is the inventor of the world-renowned Broselow Tape – a simple, but effective color-coded tool that determines body weight from body length and provides proper dosing and airway information for children. He is the recipient of the Institute for Safe Medical Practices Lifetime Achievement Award.
Dr. Robert Luten

Dr. Robert Luten

Dr. Luten has performed pioneering work in the field of emergency medicine, helping to create the specialty of pediatric emergency medicine in 1993. A professor at the University of Florida, Dr. Luten has spearheaded the development of curriculum and training materials for emergency care.

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