Pediatric Education in the ED

by | Jun 22, 2023

Pediatric Education in the ED

Summer is here! Many EDs nationwide are gearing up for a summer of learning, competency fairs, and annual training. We often hear from our community hospital nursing educators that their priorities include vital tasks like equipment training and refreshers, stroke and MI education, and infection control and prevention. With all these mandatory standards and training, many educators tell us that pediatric education and training is moved to the back burner.  They do not have time to push pediatric education beyond what the team learns in ENPC or PALS once every 2-4 years. However, they are concerned because pediatric patient volume is irregular, and they are not able to regularly put these pediatric learnings into practice.

How SafeDose can help
Our customers’ ED educators and leadership teams shared with us what they most wanted to help bridge the educational gap for team members between PALS and ENPC classes and seeing a patient months or years after these trainings. Through this collaboration, SafeDose Readiness Resources were born!

Readiness Resources are point-of-care resources that include pediatric nursing procedures, evidence-based best practice guidelines, and disease processes. The tool is included within SafeDose and includes illustrations, algorithms, and other content in key treatment areas. These can be used as a solution for training and education but also at the bedside in real-time when the refresher is needed most!

We launched Readiness Resources in early 2023, and our customer hospitals are currently leveraging both the SafeDose solution and our client services team as an ED pediatric educational resource by:

  • Utilizing Readiness Resources as a teaching guide during pediatric in-services and trainings.
  • Referring to Readiness Resources during debriefing after a complex pediatric case or pediatric simulation.
  • Requesting a personalized Zoom training session with their education/leadership team before competency fairs or pediatric in-services to review how SafeDose can help the team take care of pediatric patients confidently.
  • Scheduling a client services team member via Zoom during a pre-brief or debrief of a pediatric simulation. This can be customized to discuss the topic that you plan to review.
  • Scheduling a personalized Zoom training session for their team after pediatric education to help fill in the learning gaps and show them where to go for a trusted pediatric resource when at the point of care.

SafeDose can help you with ED pediatric training, planning, and preparation. Empower your nurses by simplifying learning and refresher training so that everyone feels safer and more confident while caring for the smallest patients.

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