SafeDose® EMS

Dramatically accelerates the response time for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to deliver the correct medication dose in situations where seconds count.

SafeDose® Mobile

Puts the features, functionality, and capability of the core SafeDose Enterprise® product into the palm of your hand.

As an EMS professional, you must adhere to government regulations that limit the medications you can carry and administer.

The SafeDose® EMS mobile app is designed specifically for you and contains drugs approved by state registries. This allows you to easily navigate to the medication you need in the urgency of potentially lifesaving situations.

SafeDose® EMS eliminates manual math calculations, quickly letting you know the proper dose to administer. This gives you more time to focus on your patients so you can provide the care they desperately need. Determining the proper doses in the field is even more crucial since you don’t have backup to confirm proper dosing. SafeDose® EMS provides the critical double check that ensures you are always delivering the right dose.

All the information you need is resident on SafeDose® EMS so you have access in situations where you are offline. Regular updates are automatically provided once you connect to the Internet so you always have the latest and most important data loaded on your phone.

SafeDose® EMS:

  • Provides a focused list of emergency related medicines for adults and children
  • Enables fast, accurate scanning of drug vials
  • Automatically time stamps and creates a log of each medication delivery
  • Automates calculations for weight-based doses
  • Offers a streamlined, economical version of SafeDose Mobile

SafeDose® has proven to:

  • •Increase the accuracy of medication doses by 24%
  • Reduce average medication preparation time by 8 minutes per event
  • Enable nurses of all experience levels to prepare accurate medication doses quickly


SafeDose® EMS

Free 30-day Trial

Download a 30-day free trial of SafeDose® EMS, our mobile-enabled EMS support application providing a “peace of mind” double check that is ideal in time sensitive situations like the ones you face every day.  After you download, click here link to enable content. 

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