SafeDose EMS

SafeDose EMS provides quick and easy access from your tablet or smartphone with the critical information you need to properly administer on-the-scene medications.


SafeDose EMS provides:

A valuable double check for calculating medication doses

Easy access to information and dosing calculations for the drugs you must administer every day

A reduction in average medication preparation time by 8 minutes per event

To help ensure your EMS team has the best, latest medication dosing information, we are now offering the SafeDose app for only $99 per year per ambulance.

Once you see the capability of SafeDose EMS in action, you will never want your team to go back to the time consuming manual method of determining proper medication doses.


The National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project (PPRP) is the leading joint initiative to improve prehospital care for acutely ill and injured children across the United States. You can take an assessment at the PPRP site to see if you are doing everything you can to ensure children’s safety. SafeDose helps you check many of the boxes in the Patient and Medication section.

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