T-System and eBroselow Bring Automation into Battle Against Medication Errors in Emergency Departments

by | Jun 28, 2017

The new approach integrates eBroselow’s proven clinical decision support system into T-System EV™, enabling users to manage medications from within T-System’s emergency department information system (EDIS). T-System is the only emergency care technology provider to incorporate eBroselow as part of their emergency department (ED) systems.

eBroselow’s SafeDose and SafeDose Scan™ applications provide comprehensive, up-to-date acute medication dosing standards; they will be available to T-System clients, in both a web-based version and via full integration into T-System EV. Clinicians never have to leave the EDIS to access the automated medication calculation tools.

SafeDose is optimized to fit the ED workflow, eliminating clinician’s need to do manual math calculations to determine accurate medication dosage, a task made more difficult – and risky – in typical high-pressure situations in the ED. Instead, SafeDose automatically calculates medication dosage and administration guidelines based on available patient and medication information.

The often-hectic nature of emergency care creates a greater risk for medication errors than non-emergent-care environments. Some healthcare statistics show half of all medication administrations in the ED are incorrect, with 14 percent leading to harmful or fatal results. In addition to negatively impacting care outcomes, such errors can significantly increase healthcare costs. The new T-System/eBroselow partnership has a significant opportunity to help reduce these medication errors in the more than 30 percent of the nation’s hospital-based EDs, freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers that leverage T-System solutions.

“Medication errors can be catastrophic for patients, providers and hospitals,” said Robin Shannon, RN, MN, senior vice president and chief product officer at T-System. “Combining T-System solutions with eBroselow’s automation and deep medication database will help hospitals avoid patient harm and enhance patient safety, as well as improve patient care outcomes.”

eBroselow’s database of thousands of acute-care drugs offers expanded point-of-care support for safe medication preparation and administration through highlighted warnings and incompatibility and adverse reactions alerts. By having this clinical decision support tool at their fingertips, emergency clinicians can access important medication information quickly, without needing to wade through reference books for drug information in critical situations.

“Our mission is to provide needed critical information to clinicians administering medication in acute care settings,” said John Gobron, CEO of eBroselow. “We are convinced this partnership with T-System will rapidly move us closer to achieving that goal.”

About T-System
T-System is a healthcare IT company that advances care delivery and financial outcomes for episodic care. Specializing in emergency department documentation since 1996, T-System has since expanded its focus to include the development of innovative solutions for the rapidly expanding episode-based care market, including hospital-based emergency departments (EDs), freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers. Through clinically-driven services and documentation solutions as well as charge capture and coding solutions, T-System solves clinical, financial and operational challenges for our clients. About 40 percent of the nation’s hospital-based EDs, freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers use T-System to improve the clinical encounter, including the documentation of the patient visit as well as the downstream outcomes related to that event. For additional information about T-System, please visit http://www.tsystem.com.

About eBroselow
eBroselow is dedicated to developing a simple, safe, and effective international standard for acute drug administration. Dr. James Broselow and Dr. Robert Luten collaborated to found eBroselow to bring comprehensive treatment information to the desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone of every emergency practitioner faster and more accurately than ever before. Dr. Broselow is the inventor the world renowned Broselow tape – a widely accepted color coded tool that helps provide proper dosing and airway information for children. Dr. Luten is a pioneer in the field of pediatric emergency medicine and as a professor at the University of Florida spearheaded the development of curriculum and training materials for emergency care. For additional information about eBroselow, please visit www.ebroselow.com.


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